Matt & Carly

Matt and Carly met each other while living in Asia in 2011 and got married in 2013. Carly grew up catholic and is from Canada, while Matt is from Buffalo Grove and grew up Jewish. In July of 2016 they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and are committed to raising her in a home with a Jewish influence and making sure she has plenty of awareness of all other religions. The family loves to be in nature where they are able to find peace.

Mari & Jenny

Mari is a special education teacher who grew up in an interfaith family in Evanston, Illinois. She still lives in her hometown with her wonderful wife Jenny. Mari was drawn to learning more about Judaism through developing her wedding ceremony with Rabbi Ari, and she hasn’t stopped learning yet. Mari is interested in CoHere helping her develop realistic home traditions that she can share with her growing family. Jenny is a speech language pathologist originally from Los Angeles, California. She came to Evanston, IL to attend Northwestern University in 2003 and stayed after meeting her then girlfriend, now wife Mari. Jenny grew up attending Kehillat Isreal in LA. As an adult, she’s more interested in the cultural traditions and core beliefs of Judaism than the religious components. She is hoping CoHere can help her find a middle ground between the traditions she was raised in and her current belief system.