Cohere is a concierge rabbinic practice based in the home and as part of a network.
Your COmmunity is HERE! Network with a Rabbi.

We bring Judaism to you on your time and in your places. We can meet anywhere, from your kitchen table to a library to an ice cream shop. We come to you for set times each month or ever so often for learning and experiences. We can even come to you to help you prepare for the holidays in your home and to figure out Shabbat practices that are meaningful.

How Does It Work?

$600 to join

Life Cycle events involve a separate honorarium. You can schedule additional sessions at $50 a session


  • » Initial in-take to go over where you are religiously/spiritually/culturally and
    to plot out a plan for the year that involves learning and practices
  • » Monthly check-ins or in-person learning sessions
  • » 24/6 access to Rabbi Ari by cell, text and email to discuss any area
    of Judaism, faith, culture, spirituality and interfaith family dynamics
  • » Regular resources with content that are personalized and relevant
  • » A membership pack with outrageous goodies including a Weekly Spiritual Check-In
    Journal with 52 weekly prompts that teach content and build literacy

Rabbi Ari Moffic: