Jewish Catholic Couples Title

Here we celebrate Jewish-Catholic couples by sharing some of our experiences and resources.

Hello Wonderful Jewish-Catholic Families!

Here is the calendar for the Family School (

Welcome to the Family School Program for Jewish Catholic families in Chicago. This is a program for families who want to raise dual faith children. We meet at the school right next to Old St. Pat’s in the city. We have a Sunday school which meets twice a month and we have groups for couples, for people with children under five years old, and Sunday school for children kindergarten through 8th grade.
Please see our calendar below.

If you want information about the interfaith school in Mt. Prospect and their programming for interfaith couples, contact them through their website

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For more information, please email Rabbi Ari at


An example of what a Wedding Outline for an interfaith Jewish-Catholic couple might look like.

How can a marriage of Judaism and Catholicism work? Chicago documentary ‘Leaps of Faiths’ shows the way

Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article discussing a new documentary about interfaith marriages. It includes a scene from an interfaith marriage officiated by Rabbi Ari. Check out the article, including where and when to see the documentary Leap of Faiths.