What is ?

CoHere is for people who want to think about the Jewish parts of their lives more one on one.

CoHere is for families raising children in a dual-faith home.

CoHere is for people who aren’t interested in joining a congregation where a big part of its offerings are around Friday night and Saturday morning experiences and services. You’re just grouped out, don’t love regular communal prayer, and like to be home and with friends and family on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. (It’s cool – you don’t have to apologize.) Also important to note is that if you want a prayer fix, you can visit any congregation any Friday night or Saturday morning (and some have daily prayer groups) for free whether you are a member or not. They will put out the red carpet (or should) if you want to show up. And, if you find yourself going a lot and want to join, you can join more than one community. Some people like variety and want to support multiple expressions (I know…money, money…) But as NPR says during their pledge drive, if you are listening regularly, support the station.

CoHere is for people who aren’t *that* religious (This isn’t about God but about not liking regimented ritual practice, as in the show Difficult People in the segment when they explain people who are not participators. .)

CoHere is for people who are spiritual seekers.

CoHere is for people who like to feel known, heard and connected.

CoHere is for people who would dig getting to spend time with others going through a similar interfaith family journey (calling all Jew-Bus, HinJus, Cashews, Jewish-Atheist (could be both of you, really), Jewish…it’s complicated folks (could be both of you).

CoHere is for people who have kids with special needs and even though you know there are excellent inclusion programs and different kinds of learning classrooms in congregations around town, you have no energy left or ability to navigate one more classroom or situation for your kid.

CoHere is for people who want to do things differently, more personally, more on your schedule, and with your vibe.

CoHere is a Network with a Rabbi for curated, Jewish guidance. All of the other CoHere members are part of the Network and you can connect with them for all kinds of Networking. I’ll help make introductions.

Maybe CoHere is for YOU!