Tu Bishvat, is the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shevat and it is a birthday for the trees

Dear Families,

During the month of January, we have been learning about Tu Bishvat. This is the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shevat and it is a birthday for the trees. It is like a Jewish earth day. There are seders (meals with special rituals) in honor of Tu Bishvat to eat the fruits and nuts of Israel. It starts Sunday, Jan. 20 at sundown when we see this amazing full moon and continues through Monday, January 21.

Much has been written about whether there are themes that overlap between Tu Bishvat and MLK Day this year. Themes of bringing more justice to the world whether it’s through civil rights or protecting the environment have been discussed.

With your children, we read the beautiful book, Solomon and the Trees by Matt Biers-Ariel. 

We used acorns, drift wood and rocks to create nature center pieces that displayed Jewish value words on them.

Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 2 from 9:00-10:00 in my home in Highland Park for a learning service. We’ll have sweet treats, coffee and hot chocolate too. This is the best way to learn the prayers and to feel what communal prayer is all about. Let me know if you can come. Click here for more information.

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See you soon.