September Updates

Hi Families,

It was wonderful to see you again after the summer break. The fall is a magical time of new activities, new weather, new schedules and lots of holidays!

Your children know a lot about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. They even know the thought-provoking story of Jonah!

Remind your family about the character traits you are working on this new year and what you hope they are aiming for as well.

I hope the shofar sounding is not scaring too many of your pets!

In October, we will shake the lulav and smell the Etrog, learn more about the Torah in honor of Simchat Torah and learn about lots of Jewish ritual items.

If you live near Highland Park and want to come see our sukkah, please text me and stop by!

Building a sukkah, or taking part of your deck to hang dried corn or strings of cranberries in honor of the fall harvest, can create lastly memories of the fall harvest holiday of Sukkot. Try using sharpies to decorate old and scratched CDs and DVDs and then hang them for decoration. You’ll have a recycled, disco sukkah! The sukkah is a reminder of the fragility of life as it’s a temporary dwelling where we are supposed to feel the weather through the roof. As we have witnessed this latest flood situation in North Carolina, we are reminded again about what’s really important and what home really means. It’s the people we love, more than the things around us. Sukkot is a time for inviting guests over and being thankful for our food.

There is a wonderful Israeli film about sukkot (it’s also about prayer) for adults called Ushpizin. I highly recommend it.

For young children, check out: Plush Lulav & Esrog Set

If you don’t have the book, The Sofer, it’s amazing for all ages. It’s a great book for October. It’s out of print, but perhaps the library has it, or you can get a used copy.

If we don’t have an October session scheduled, please be in touch.