Dear CoHere Families,

I can’t believe we are barreling into mid-March and have spring break ahead including Passover and Easter. It is a busy time!  I have attached a booklet from my friend.  She and her husband made this, and I find it a very meaningful way to lead a Passover Seder experience.  Please click here to download.

I look forward to seeing your families this month, in April and May and then wishing you and your kids a sun-filled, fun-filled summer!  Please use the scheduler to pick a time that works for your sessions –  https://cohereschedule.as.me/

I will be sending a letter soon about our plans for starting up our monthly CoHere sessions in the fall.
I am relying on this generous two-year grant to run CoHere. Unless I think of a new business model, I won’t be able to “just do CoHere” after next year. Since I am one person, it makes it hard for me to bring in enough income. There may be Jewish funding opportunities and other creative solutions. I have a few ideas that I will be sharing with you soon. We have another whole year to figure this out.

I am trying to see what parts of community we jones for and how to get those aspects and still have personalized, feel good Jewish learning. I am curious if, after these sessions in your home, you now feel differently about opting for a congregation where there would be religious school classes.

Do you feel like CoHere has been enough for you?
Do you feel like you and your kids are missing out on “Jewish community”?
Do you want one-on-one learning and a few group sessions? However, it’s hard to form community when we get a group together only a few times a year.
Maybe you feel like you have good friendship groups and your kids have enough groups and friends and you’re wanting Jewish literacy, not necessarily a new community?
Do you feel connected to the Jewish community at large when you learn with me and participate in holidays at home and practice Jewish values in your life?
Do you want to go to Friday night family services or family holiday programs?
Do you feel like your kids “just” did a Jewish tutoring program this year or that you joined something which met your Jewish affiliation needs and you have a Rabbi who knows you and supports you?

These are the questions I think about as we offer CoHere as another option for Jewish affiliation and engagement. If you drop me your quick thoughts on these, it would be so much appreciated!!

See you soon,