Newsletter. Nov. 8, 2017

Dear CoHere Families,

What a blessing to be getting to know you and your families better!

During the month of October, we worked on several different projects. Some of your kids practiced being a Torah scribe, a sofer, in honor of Simchat Torah. They saw how challenging it is to use a quill for writing! The book that I love which explains the profoundly beautiful process for writing a Torah is The Sofer by Eric Ray. It is available from amazon.

We also read the book, The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper. Like The Sofer, these are books for all ages. We spoke about what makes the rule golden and the different versions of the rule. Your children made the most amazing, GOLD, posters to remember this rule! Don’t forget to speak about it in your home and during social interactions so that the lesson at their kitchen table will be reinforced in their natural experiences of life.

Some kids also worked on Shema Pillowcases. The book I used for this lesson is: The Bedtime Sh’ma by Sarah Gershman. Check out this video from a deaf rabbi who teaches the Shema in sign language.

Questions to think about:

Do you pray at night?
Have you talked with your spouse about what you say or how it feels?
Have you talked with your kids about praying or hoping or reflecting on things at night?
Did you grow up with praying at night?
Could you imagine singing the 6 words of the Shema with your kids at night?


Upcoming Events:

Parenting Perspectives taught by Lauren Bondy on how to have mindfulness and spirituality in our parenting. Lauren is realistic and incredibly helpful as we think through our parenting challenges. Meeting at a home in Deerfield on Thursday, Nov. 30 from 7:00-8:30. If I haven’t heard from you, you can RSVP to me and I’ll give you the address. Feel free to bring a friend too. Cost is $15 a participant (bring a check made out to CoHere).

Chanukah Blessings Boot Camp
Learn or re-learn the 3 Hebrew Chanukah blessings. You do not need to know how to read Hebrew to come. Great for all ages. Young and Older welcome! RSVP to me. Congregation Solel in Highland Park Friday, Dec. 1 from 5:30-6:30 including pizza, followed by family services (if you want to stay). No charge!

Rabbi Ari

Rabbi Ari Moffic
Founder, CoHere