Welcome to CoHere

CoHere stands for community here, convene here and co-creating coherent Jewish programming. The here is where you naturally are. I try to meet you where you are.

I started CoHere with the help of the Open Dor Project grant. It has been a resource for unaffiliated families who want Jewish education for their children. For two years, I visited families at least monthly in their homes to learn about Jewish holidays and values. We did projects together and formed wonderful relationships. The practice of regular Jewish learning was enriching.

After the fall of 2019, we augmented the CoHere offering to focus on a once a month group experience for children kindergarten through 7th grade. The program meets on Sunday evenings and starts with dinner. We learn about a major Jewish concept and work on a project together. We end each session with joy filled singing and gaining a repertoire of Jewish music.

We also join together several times a year for a monthly Shabbat service so that children preparing for or who have recently celebrated their bar/bat (be) mitzvah, can practice participating and leading communal prayer.

I work with dozens of families a year to provide personalized and meaningful life cycle events from baby namings, combined baby naming/baptisms and be mitzvah ceremonies.
If you would like to join our monthly learning group or are interested in a life cycle event, email me at rabbi@coherechicago.com