Rabbi Ari’s ELI Talk

Rabbi Ari Moffic is usually giving people a multitude of options to try out Judaism. Here, though, she challenges us with a dynamic new way to understand Jewish community, obligation, and belonging. Watch her ELI talk!

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Community IS Everything

There are certain words that are hard to define. We use them, but when pressed to say what we really mean, we’re not sure and speak in broad generalities. I can easily explain who my family is, sense them, describe them and feel them. I can talk about my closest friends- those people I don’t […]

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Community, Shpamunity!

Rabbis care a lot about community because Judaism can only be fully realized and practiced with other people. If people don’t come together, it’s hard to do Jewish things. Check this out: We pray in the plural (we atone on Yom Kippur for the sins WE have committed) We pray in a group called a […]

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CoHere, The Journey

Thank you for being along with me on a journey to launch CoHere, a new model for Jewish community affiliation. People have asked me why I care so much that the majority of American Jews are “unaffiliated”. The very question tugs at my heart and has for many years. I have never liked the word”affiliation”. […]

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