Newsletter. Oct. 20, 2017

Hello CoHere Families!

After meeting with one of our Sounding Board couples, they shared that while they would know how to use a concierge doctor, it’s trickier when it comes to knowing how to use a Concierge Rabbi.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Connect with CoHere

1. Follow-Up Questions!

If you have school-age children, make sure we are on each other’s calendars for our monthly sessions. I have posted the main concepts from our sessions on the website under CoHere Curriculum so that you can remind yourselves what we did and talked about. If you have follow-up questions or something has come up around a lesson, be in touch! You can always text me or email. I can try to clarify something or suggest a follow-up activity you can do in your home. My cell is 312-550-5665.

2. What do you want to learn?

If we are meeting as adults and or with a baby/toddler, it is harder to know how to structure our sessions. Be in touch so that we can come up with a plan/outline to make the most of our time together. One couple and I are reading the short Book of Job together and will discuss it in our next session. One couple and I studied the weekly Torah portion when we met on a Friday evening and will go through an Intro. to Judaism sort of program each session together. One couple wants help thinking through how to make Shabbat rituals and holidays feel doable and good to both of them. I’m going to bring lots of ideas for different words for grace to see what might stick for them.

Thanksgiving- The themes of kindness and generosity can also feel spiritual in nature. If you want ideas for how to bring these values to your dinner table, be in touch. We can meet at the Board of Jewish Education on Dundee Rd. in Northbrook to gain ideas about crafts and games you can do with the people at your Thanksgiving to add even more meaning.

Tuesday, December 12- First night of Chanukah! If you want help making a variety of potato latkes, email Anita (our culinary coach) at any time from now through mid-November! She’ll come to your kitchen and help you prepare! Again, if you want to meet to come up with crafts and games to deepen your holiday, let me know and we’ll set up some time. Some families have a theme for each night of Chanukah and we can work together to come up with a plan for your family.

Mark your calendars now for the First Annual Chanukah Blessings Boot Camp! Come to Congregation Solel in Highland Park on Friday, Dec. 1 from 5:30-6:30 (including pizza) to learn the 3 long Hebrew blessings once and for all! A good time will be had! 6:30-7:30 there are family services that you are welcome to stay for too!

4. Pastoral Care

Part of your CoHere membership is that I am your rabbi! Do not be shy about reaching out by text, email or cell to talk through anything spiritual/religious/family related coming up for you. If a pet dies, if a family member is ill, if you want a prayer to say, if you want a visit…that’s what I am here for.

5. Your CoHere Journal

Have you opened your CoHere 52 Week Journal? Have you read any entry and tried to respond? It’s hard to find the time and the will to start. Put it in your bag and fill out an entry when waiting somewhere. Keep it by your bed? If you want help starting, reach out. If you have already filled out a few and want to process, be in touch! I promise this will be a great way to build your Jewish literacy!

I guess the general theme here is to be in touch! Just like you would text a concierge doctor with a symptom you are feeling or with a health question, feel free to text me for a book suggestion or for how to process something. Just like a personal trainer will give you exercises to do at home and a plan, the readings in the journal can help you think about the spiritual pieces of your life and what traditions you may want to try.

Just like a medical practice may have a list of specialists to see…we have a list of specialists as well from our culinary coach to a musician to crafty people. If you want to learn some blessings or songs, we can set up a session with a musician who can teach that to you!

Rabbi Ari Moffic
Founder, CoHere